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The Blessing of Exodus!

At Knox there's a time in every worship service when we give the children permission to leave for Sunday School, we've knick named this "Exodus."  The Lord has blessed us with so many children that when they leave the sanctuary feels emptier, some say quieter, I say less energy.  The Sunday School at Knox exists for the development of our children these are the foundation laying years.  The time when they will learn their values, their faith, their trust, the relationships that just may save them from life threatening poor choices!  We treat this time as incredibly valuable and important.  The volunteer teachers at Knox are incredibly dedicated and concerned for their students.

The nursery provides an integration for the youngest members of our community to feel comfortable with the church and "ease" into life at Knox.  The program in the Sunday School is designed to create an atmosphere of respect, learning, and acceptance.  We work diligently to provide this environment and protect our most precious treasure at all times.

Contact:  Frances Sullivan (Christian Educator)