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A Legacy in Youth & Children's Ministry

Rita Taylor Blankenhorn Memorial Trust

This trust fund was established in memory of Rita Blankenhorn Taylor, a beloved wife and mother who was a dedicated woman of faith.  For many years she taught Sunday School, led children’s programs and had a great affection for children and young people.  Rita desired to see them well prepared for life through the establishment of a strong Christian foundation.  Her husband, Garth Taylor was a successful businessman whose deep and abiding love for his wife created a desire to honor her memory with the creation of a legacy to her principals.  Unfortunately, before Garth could establish such a trust, his life ended prematurely, leaving the dream to be fulfilled by the Taylor’s daughters.  To our great benefit, Rita’s three daughters decided to provide a memorial trust fund at Knox, Milton for the furtherance of youth leadership development.  Each of the sisters (Ruth, Karen and Anne) contributed from their inheritance and in 2012 the Rita Taylor Blankenhorn Memorial Trust Fund was established. 

This year one of our long time members and contributors to life at Knox, Milton Ms. Erna Taylor made a generous bequest to the congregation with the provision that the funds would be used for Christian Education and the development of our young people.  With deep appreciation to Erna and her family we have added these funds to the Rita Taylor Blankenhorn Memorial Trust ensuring we are well provisioned to support our growing group of children and young adults.

We would like to encourage others to join in this investment in our future and ask that you consider contributing to the Rita Blankenhorn Memorial Trust.  These gifts are certainly a worthwhile donation toward the development of young adults.  These investments in our youth have an important way of becoming life shaping opportunities for them, thank you for your support.

God loves a cheerful giver,

Contact and information:  Pastor Howard