Knox Presbyterian Church - Milton, ON

Unified by Christ's love, we share Him with the world

How it all began...

Reading below will give you some idea of the journey of this people of faith, Presbyterians are a unique and hardy people.

Our Heritage

Original Knox Presbyterian Church built of stone on Martin St. in 1856. Now Graceway Baptist Church with an addition added to the front.

The first church to be built in Milton was St. Andrews, known as "The Old Kirk" (church of Scotland), and located on the south side of Main St., today approx. 54 Main St., E. This branch of the Presbyterian Church continued until about 1889, when St. Andrew's closed and members transferred to Knox. This building was sold and moved to 146 Mill St in 1900.

Present Knox Presbyterian Church on Main St. built in 1890. Picture take in the early 1900's

Knox Presbyterian Church was established in 1855 as a congregation of the Presbyterian Free Church. It began as a mission station of Boston Free Presbyterian Church, Esquesing, (known as our Mother Church.) Knox was formed by the members of the Boston congregation who lived in Milton. It was referred to as "Knox's" or the "Free Church" until it took the name of Knox Presbyterian Church in 1866. The first minister, Rev. James Mitchell, served the Boston and Milton congregations from 1856 to 1869. The two congregations remained linked until 1887, when Knox became a self-supporting congregation.

The Knox congregation built its first church (stone) at 103 Martin St., completed in 1857. Today this structure serves the Graceway Baptist congregation. A second (present) brick church at 170 Main St. E. was completed in 1891.

The cornerstone was laid for the Main St. Church at an impressive ceremon on Sept. 18, 1890 by Hon. J. M. Gibson. The inaugural service took place in June 1891. The Sunday School at the back was added in 1904.

We have a spiritual history and a historic building which we preserve and recognize regarding our past, present and future. To that end many of our records are being stored in the Archives at Knox College, University of Toronto. Our church also has many artifacts which we proudly display within our church sanctuary.

Hornby Presbyterian Church was founded in 1838, rebuilt in 1878, and in 1971, joined with Knox. Some artifacts from both Hornby and Kilbride Presbyterian Churches have been given to Knox.

As you enter our sanctuary you will note the lovely colourful memorial windows, which are much admired.

Our Karn Pipe Organ from Karn and Co., in Woodstock, was one of the best instruments constructed and in 1905 was first used for the Christmas season. It is surrounded by beautiful woodwork that adorns the organ loft and organ itself. We continue to use this lovely organ today. The choir loft has been altered in recent years to accommodate the needs of today.

Knox continues to be a part of shared ministries, reaching out in so many ways, to serve the needs of both the Milton and world communities.

We invite you to join us in worship at any time!

Marsha Waldie - Church Historian/Archivist