Knox Presbyterian Church - Milton, ON

Unified by Christ's love, we share Him with the world

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Thank you to those who assisted so ably this summer during our pastor's absence for vacation and study leave.
This fall we engage in examining our Christian roots searching through our "spiritual family tree," to discover who we are called to be as Children of Abraham.  This unique position of being called to witness to the world as God's chosen people who bring the good news to all people is something we strive to recover in our identity.  Once we have understood this unique calling we can utilize the gifts which God has provided us in service to humanity in the fulfilment of God's redemptive purposes.

Sunday, September 9--Communion
Matthew 17:1-9
Psalm 121
Genesis 11:27-12:9
Sermon:  Building Altars, Forgetting our Calling...

Sunday, September 16
Philippians 3:14-4:1
Psalm 27
Genesis 15
Sermon:  Binding Promises:  Life or Death

Sunday, September 23
2 Thessalonians 2:1-4
Psalm 106:40-46
Genesis 16
Sermon:  Abram and Sarai Rebel

Sunday, September 30
Hebrews 13:19-21
Psalm 51
Genesis 17: Selected Verses
Sermon:  Covenant Confirmation (+a sign)

The last text indicated each week is the primary text for preaching and is read by the Pastor.  Our lay readers read the earlier lessons which include the responsive reading of the Psalm.