Knox Presbyterian Church - Milton, ON

Unified by Christ's love, we share Him with the world

Pastor Howard Sullivan was called to Knox, Milton in 2006...
Since that time not only has the town undergone incredible change growing past the 100,000 population barrier but our congregation has also experienced significant growth.  Foremost in our challenges has been the complete restoration of our sanctuary following the dramatic structural failure of the roof system!  This unforeseen physical challenge to our worship home tested the congregation's commitment to a downtown ministry.  After much prayer and careful discernment we decided to stay in the core of the town offering a continuing witness through our historic site.

However, this has meant some adjustments to our priorities and practices of ministry were required.  Most important was a commitment to continue to reach out to a multi-ethnic, multi-generational congregation through a worship style that would attempt to embrace the needs of all.  We are family focused with a growing Sunday School Program, an integrated small group ministry for adults, and a developing video library ministry that serves those who are unable to attend regular small group meetings.  

Our vision statement is the foundational principle of ministry at Knox, "Unified by Christ's love, we share Him with the world."

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