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Full Sunday School and Nursery available to accommodate the entire family.

Worship as Work Retreat

A One Day Outing to Share and Grow in Faith

Come Listen, Learn and Lead in the Marketplace:

Thanks to RightNow Media we will host this remarkable one day retreat with live video streaming from the conference in Texas.  You will have the opportunity to hear a great line-up of speakers and interact with fellow Christians from the workplace who are searching for ways to remain faithful in their business environment.  Check out this dynamic slate of speakers scheduled to share on February 23, 2018.

To register for this dynamic retreat with fellow Christian business leaders in the community hosted at Knox, Milton use this LINK fees are $25 US and include your lunch, coffee, refreshments throughout the day.

Prophetic Study--Book of Daniel
Young Protege Assists Pastor with Illustration Skills!

Daniel 4 contains a fascinating story of King Nebuchadnezzar's Dream of Power which ends with his misfortune and insanity!

Preston a talented young artist in grade four of our Sunday School program came up with the idea of creating an animated version of King Nebuchadnezzar's dream sequence in Daniel chapter 4.  After reading the text Preston approached Pastor Howard and proposed the creation of the video clip you see below, a brilliant collaboration for a young creative artist.  During worship we viewed Preston's clip and then interviewed him so he could explain the ideas presented in the drawing sequence.  For our service it was a silent clip, now we present it with the accomplished jazz musicians, "Acoustic Alchemy," providing the background with their outstanding recording, "This One's for Shorty."  

Check out this wonderful offering of young Preston's talents:  


Knox is a family oriented church ministering to people of all ages

Our congregation presents a Bible based worship service that is designed to be inclusive of all ages and races presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the timeless message in a format that appeals to all generations.  We offer a variety of musical styles from classical to contemporary, we share in the service through members reading the scripture lessons and leading liturgy, we appeal to all learning sensibilities through the use of multi-media.  The sharing of the faith is our primary objective which is followed by the opportunity to serve the broader community through actively following Christ's teaching.

How to Read the Bible

PART 2--The Gospel Afternoon Study Group

Utilizing the Bible Project's wonderful resources:
We will meet Wednesday afternoons 2:00 for six weeks commencing January 31st.
This study is for those not already in a small group to confirm your attendance please contact knox@knxomilton.com or call the church office.

1. Mark
2. Luke Chapters 1-2
3. Luke Chapters 3-9
4. Luke Chapters 9-19
5. Luke Chapters 19-23
6. Luke Chapter24

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