Knox Presbyterian Church - Milton, ON

Unified by Christ's love, we share Him with the world

  Worship 10:30
Full Sunday School and Nursery,
we're a family friendly church.


170 Main St. E.  (905) 878-6066


Our Multi-Generational Community:

Registration and commissioning for Sunday School Sunday September 9th:.

Our teachers and volunteers have been preparing a wonderful experience for all children and youth from the nursery through to high school age young adults.  Knox has a solid reputation of teaching the Bible to the next generation of faithful Christians in preparation for the challenges that life brings.  Our Adults participate in programs of small group studies utilizing resources from Right Now Media.

Sunday School runs concurrently with worship during our 10:30 service.  Children leave the sanctuary after the initial elements of the service joining their peers in age appropriate experiences of faith development.  Following service at approximately 11:40 all family members are re-united for a time of fellowship and refreshment in our Upper Hall. 

Come join us for this family friendly integrated experience!

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Knox is a family oriented church ministering to people of all ages

Our congregation presents a Bible based worship service that is designed to be inclusive of all ages and races presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the timeless message in a format that appeals to all generations.  We offer a variety of musical styles from classical to contemporary, we share in the service through members reading the scripture lessons and leading liturgy, we appeal to all learning sensibilities through the use of multi-media.  The sharing of the faith is our primary objective which is followed by the opportunity to serve the broader community through actively following Christ's teaching.

Our Mission Statement:  Unified by Christ's love we share Him with the world.

Knox' Session is Working Through a Leadership Program

Breaking 200 without breaking you!

This challenging seminar has combined video training materials with detailed workbook exercises we have diligently been studying together.  The course offers 8 key strategies to move our church beyond the 200 attendance barrier.  Its a noble goal which we have adopted to share the joy of the Christian life with more people through adopting some of these strategic moves in our way of doing church together.  The author of the material Carey Nieuwhof is a successful church planter here in southern Ontario.  Carey utilizes his own experience and leadership skills combined with his partnership with various other church plant leaders to provide some exceptional insight into leadership in the church for the twenty-first century.

This fall we will be reporting to you some of the outcomes of this training and our objectives moving forward in faith.

Serving Christ together,
Pastor Howard
Knox Session

Confirmation Class a big Success

Knox Welcomes 9 Young People into our Fellowship of Faith

After completing their classes together and contributing some awesome artwork to the church...

Profession of Faith

These young people will profess their faith before the church Sunday June 10 during the worship service in the historic words of the Apostles' Creed and share with the congregation their learning of the foundational beliefs of the Reformation through the FIVE SOLAS:

  • SOLA SCRIPTURA -- By scripture alone
  • SOLA FIDE -- By faith alone
  • SOLA GRATIA -- By grace alone
  • SOLUS CHRISTUS -- By Christ alone
  • SOLI DEO GLORIA -- Glory to God alone

Following worship the families of these exceptional young people will gather to celebrate and acknowledge this achievement in the lives of their sons and daughters!  May these SOLAS bless and keep our young people on the path that God has set before them.  Amen.