Knox Presbyterian Church - Milton, ON

170 Main St. E.  (905) 878-6066

Worship:  10:30 Sunday Morning Full Sunday School and Nursery Provided.

Knox, what's it all about?

We gather for worship at 10:30 each Sunday and provide a full family oriented service including a nursery for infants.  We are a community church that embraces multi-generational worship engaging people in a multi-media experience of learning based on biblical teaching, witness, and involvement.  We describe our "worship style" as blended meaning we provide elements for all ages, learning styles, and abilities.  Worship is followed by a time of fellowship, refreshment and sharing.  Faith development and spiritual foundations are formed through the Small Group Ministry established at Knox.  In these groups relationships are further developed and the biblical model of discipleship is practiced.

Organ Concert and Dedication Service

Two Wonderful Events 

In morning worship we will dedicate the installation of our new electronic organ and offer thanks to the McLean Family for the donation that made it possible.  Then in the afternoon we will showcase the instrument as our guest, Ian Sadler, a wonderful and accomplished organist will put the organ through its paces!  

Come join us for a wonderful afternoon of fantastic music, fellowship and sharing in the joy of this installation.

Knox' Dirt Project!

Cooperating with Maplehurst Correctional Centre

For the past two months Knox has been the benefactor of a cooperative project with Maplehurst Correctional Centre to remove the earth presently in the crawl space under our historic sanctuary built in 1890.  This dirt was piled there when construction was undertaken to create washrooms and storage on the lower level of the church approximately sixty years ago.  Now we are attempting to remove the dirt and considering how we may utilize the space.  The men working on this project have been a real blessing to our church community, we are grateful to them and the leadership that provide this opportunity. 

Holy Week Services @ Knox

All good things come to an end

For approximately twenty-five years Knox, Milton has hosted Holy Week Services at noon hour as an expression of our ecumenical unity in sharing the centrepiece of Christianity with the community.  Unfortunately, over the past several years the coordination and resources required to host this gathering have become prohibitive for our church.

On behalf of all those who took part throughout the blessed and fruitful years of this ministry we wish to thank you for your support and efforts; especially our ecumenical partners who shared in preparing meals, messages and music.  Without your tremendous effort over these years it would have been impossible.

Our prayer from Knox is that Holy Week in each of your traditions will continue to be a strong witness proclaiming the Good News and attracting many to worship and thanksgiving for what God has done for us in Jesus Christ, his Son our Lord.

Knox' Holy Week Journey 2017
Join with us in the experience of 
Triumph to Tragedy to Resurrection!

This year Knox is introducing an experience of Easter that engages the Christian in a journey from Palm Sunday and the triumphal entry of the ‘King of Kings,’ through the Last Supper experience in the Upper Room through the excruciating reality of Good Friday and on to the incredible experience of the resurrection.  We welcome all to come and participate in this journey with us and experience the unparalleled love of God as shown through his Son and the Easter miracle.

Here is our itinerary of worship services and their outline for your edification:

Sunday April 9th:  Palm Sunday—Jesus arrives in Jerusalem amid the adoration of the crowds who welcome him as a king fulfilling prophesy and seeming so positive.

Thursday April 13, 7:00 pm:  Maundy Thursday Service—Jesus calls his disciples to celebrate the Passover together in the Upper Room in Jerusalem.  There he fulfills his calling as servant of all washing their feet and re-interpreting the meaning of certain elements in the meal they shared.  This is my body, this is my blood… We share in the dramatic experience of these aspects of our Lord’s ministry.

Friday April 14, 10:30:  Good Friday Service—The Wrath of the Lamb, a Tenebrae service sharing in the Passion of our Lord.  Readings, song, and reflection as we descend into the shadows of the reality of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.

Sunday April 16th:  Easter Sunday—Christos Anesti!  Christ is Risen!  Jesus lives, so shall we live!  We gather to praise, hear the Word, and celebrate the resurrection!  Hallelujah, Jesus Christ is risen today!

World Day of Prayer 2017

Coordinated by WICC Women's Inter-church Council of Canada

This year's liturgy is written by the World Day of Prayer Committee from the Philippines; our hosts will be Holy Rosary Roman Catholic Church, 139 Martin St.
Thursday, March 16, 2017 7:00PM

World Day of Prayer is a worldwide movement of Christian Women of many traditions who come together in March each year to observe a common day of prayer.  Through World Day of Prayer, we affirm our faith in Jesus Christ and engage with the whole world, are enriched by the faith experience of Christians in other countries and cultures, share the burdens of other people by praying with them and for them, and use our own talents in the service of God's world.

This year we are joined in this ecumenical gathering by Grace Anglican, Southside Community, St. Paul's United, and Knox Presbyterian Churches.

Further information is available from our community liaison Lise Simmons an elder serving at Knox Presbyterian Church.

Grace and peace in the Lord, Jesus Christ.

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