Knox Presbyterian Church - Milton, ON

Unified by Christ's love we share Him with the world.

170 Main St. East--The Perfect Location for Service!

Since 1855 Knox, Milton has provided a continuous witness to Jesus Christ in our community.  This rich heritage has never been more important or evident to us than when we consider the vast change that's ongoing in our community.  As many of you may remember in 2010 Knox was faced with a difficult decision when our historic sanctuary was declared unsafe for occupancy.  At that time we wrestled with our future, our role in the shaping of the town's character, and our commitment to our beliefs.  After considerable prayer, discussion, and planning the stalwart Presbyterian witness remains on Main Street with a renewed commitment to evangelism.  That is the sharing of our faith in mission, ministry and service.

Some of the reasons behind staying in the core of town centered around the kind of ministry we began to feel called to provide.  Knox believes her witness is providing a "bridge" between the historic context of our town and the emerging city-scape that we are experiencing.  We sincerely believe we are equipped to assist in this transition, our building is a parable or metaphor for such a dramatic change.  The front facade of our beautiful architecture was designed by an English architect and boldly faces Main Street declaring the sound witness that has been in place since 1890.  However, we are blessed to have a secondary entrance to our facility which faces Mary Street (presently the rear of the church).  This facade boldly faces the new Town Hall and offers the opportunity to welcome Miltonians with a message that is timeless, yet shaped to meet the communication needs of the present generation.  In the middle of these two entrances is our "meeting place," here we find the opportunity for multi-generational faith events, multi-cultural encounters, and multi-faceted outreach.  Being in the core of Milton makes our accessibility a key factor.

In describing this ministry we find the declaration in Hebrews 13:8 to be our clarion call, "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever."

2014 V.B.S. What a Success!

The Workshop of Wonders -- done for this year...

Thank you to all the children and volunteers who made this year's V.B.S. one of the best ever!  We are still singing the songs, remembering the good times, and sharing the experiences with each other.  "You're the God who works wonders..."

More pictures on the photo page of our website.

W.M.S. Fall Project

Warm Coats & Warm Hearts

Starting on September 28th through to Thanksgiving Sunday, October 12th we will be collecting clean, warm, gently used winter coats (men, women, and children) for those less fortunate than ourselves.  If you can provide winter comfort for someone else please bring your donation to worship services on one of these Sunday mornings.
W.M.S. Mission Project

Opportunity Knox!

Fall programs open with wonderful orientation program...

Last Sunday we filled the upper hall with displays outlining the ongoing mission, ministry and service programs of the congregation.  It was a marvelous and exciting display of the many Spirit filled activities that make Knox a unique expression of Christian faith in action.  If you missed worship last Sunday you can catch up on many of these opportunities by reviewing the web page carefully.  Enjoy, and may the Lord bless you in finding your home among these joy-filled servants.

Knox what's it all about?

We gather for worship at 10:30 each Sunday and provide a full family oriented service including a nursery for infants.  We are a community church that embraces multi-generational worship engaging people in a multi-media experience of learning based on biblical teaching, witness, and involvement.  We describe our "worship style" as blended meaning we provide elements for all ages, learning styles, and abilities.  Worship is followed by a time of fellowship, refreshment and sharing.  Faith development and spiritual foundations are formed through the Small Group Ministry established at Knox.  In these groups relationships are further developed and the biblical model of discipleship is practiced.

Knox Art and Creativity

After serving to keep us warm and dry for 120 years the slate shingles from the historic roof of our sanctuary have now been transformed by the vision of some of our artists into amazing keepsakes of the faith.  Below is a sample of the ongoing witness being shared with these beautifully weathered and restored pieces of slate.  You can purchase a blank slate for your own artistic creation or enjoy the gift of a finished piece of art.  Blanks $10.00 Finished $20.00.

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