Knox Presbyterian Church - Milton, ON

            WORSHIP 10:30 SUNDAY MORNING  
170 Main St. E.  (905) 878-6066


Full Sunday School and Nursery available to accommodate the entire family.

Knox, what's it all about?

We gather for worship at 10:30 each Sunday and provide a full family oriented service including a nursery for infants.  We are a community church that embraces multi-generational worship engaging people in a multi-media experience of learning based on biblical teaching, witness, and involvement.  We describe our "worship style" as blended meaning we provide elements for all ages, learning styles, and abilities.  Worship is followed by a time of fellowship, refreshment and sharing.  Faith development and spiritual foundations are formed through the Small Group Ministry established at Knox.  In these groups relationships are further developed and the biblical model of discipleship is practiced.

Knox' Dirt Project!

Cooperating with Maplehurst Correctional Centre

For the past three months Knox has been the benefactor of a cooperative project with Maplehurst Correctional Centre to remove the earth presently in the crawl space under our historic sanctuary built in 1890.  This dirt was piled there when construction was undertaken to create washrooms and storage on the lower level of the church approximately sixty years ago.  Now we are attempting to remove the dirt and considering how we may utilize the space.  The men working on this project have been a real blessing to our church community, we are grateful to them and the leadership that provide this opportunity. Recently, this crew gathered at Knox to celebrate the partnership.  Check out the response at Knox' Blog...

Pastor Howard's Twenty-Fifth Anniversary

Wasn't that a celebration!

Supporting Camp Kintail our Youth and Children's Summer Camp on the Shores of Lake Huron:

Though it looks like the benediction, perhaps the end of worship... it's Pastor Howard's imitation of flying down the zip-line at Camp Kintail!  And things got even better after that with the Rev. Theresa McDonald-Lee offering a wonderful sermon, Alex giving his testimony and the Kintail Staff singing to praise the Lord.  All this wonderful praise, awesome worship was followed by an offering of service:  support for Camp Kintail's capital campaign.  With the proper benediction we all adjourned to lunch at the Grand Chalet where we enjoyed, "Roast Pastor," and wonderful fellowship!  Thanks to all who made this such a blessed day!

Hero Central V.B.S.-Discover your strength in God!

Believe it or not... it's time to get your registration completed!

Preparations have begun...

Behind the scenes we are preparing, recruiting leaders, gathering craft materials, practicing the music, designing the backgrounds!  Looking forward in every way to welcoming our 2017 class of children to the terrific program we're excited to offer.  Don't be disappointed we can only accept the first 80 applicants due to safety precautions and quality programming.  Come join us for a wonderful adventure!
Registration form available on line here

Knox Goes to the Birds!!!

Crieff Hills Community Event--Bird Banding

The Knox Youth Group and some of their leaders enjoyed a magnificent day with "Brian" explaining details of the birds.

On a glorious spring day, we were treated to a most interesting experience of capturing, identifying, weighing, cataloguing and freeing a variety of species.  We during our time at Crieff saw Song Sparrows, Field Sparrows, Cat Birds, King Birds (though none were captured), a Scarlet Tanager (in the woods), Swallows, but the star of the event was a Sharp Shinned Hawk!

Our guide explained to us that a hawk would never be caught in a 'mist net' they are far too skilled fliers and can avoid the net easily when they see it even in high speed flight.  This hawk, however, was in focused hunt mode flying after another deftly skilled flyer, a swallow who also would never be caught in a mist net.  So, by chance, these two birds one flying to save its life, the other in hot pursuit of a tasty meal were nabbed side by side in the net.  

We learned a great deal about compassionate birding when Brian informed us that the swallow was in full panic mode when he arrived to free it from the net.  So, rather than "bag it" and bring it in for banding, Brian carefully soothed it and set it free.  No doubt, the swallow flew to some perch far away to gather itself in thanks to live another day.  Now our hawk friend, frustrated with the loss of a meal, showed no signs of such stress; so we were greatly privileged to meet him.  What a magnificent creature!  If you wish to see more, there are pictures in our photos section.

We praise God for his beautiful creation and are grateful for our experience of Crieff Hills Community, we enjoyed a remarkable day.

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